Arabian Days: Dubai Adventure

I recently took a trip to the Middle East to explore the glittering city of Dubai where I strolled the streets of the old town and new searching for all things delicious. My adventure led me to the world famed Spice Souk where ambitious salesmen stood outside tiny family storefronts beckoning customers to come inside and select from a huge array of exotic fragrant spices.

The sands of the Arabian desert were calling my name and so therefore an off-roading dune excursion and jaunt to a tradational Arabic BBQ were necessary. Huge fire pit grills were filled with chicken, lamb and fish. The scent of heavily spiced meat wafted through the air inciting a hungry desire that I didn’t even know was possible.

After a quick camel ride (had to!), I washed down heaping portions of shwarma, tandori chicken, hummus, chickpea and lentil salads, baba ganoush and baklava with crisp Red Horse lager.

Many a mezze platter has been shared overlooking the shimmering Persian Gulf. Typical in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Diets, a Mezze platter is served to the table before the meal to be shared. Usually consisting of various spreads, cheeses, roasted veggies and small bites, our afternoon Mezze consisted of garlic hummus, baba ganoush, tabbouleh salad, roasted pepper spread, Arabic pickle platter and fresh and fried pita for dipping.

I couldn’t leave Dubai without a dip in the warm, crystal waters of the Persian Gulf. Until next time, I’ll be dreaming of Arabian days.

heart, shiso.

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